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October 3, 2023by Summit Strategy

Believe it or not, we’re just a few weeks away from 2024.

(Pause for your “What?!?! How?!?! I’m so far behind?!?!” reaction…)

But while you’re trying to wrap things up for 2023, this is the perfect time to get a jump start on proposals for next year so you can hit the ground running on January 1. And where should you begin? Content and templates.

Starting with content and templates will help streamline your proposal operations going into the new year, turning an annoying task into a game changing asset. It also allows you to start 2024 with refreshed content, making you stand out even more from your competition. Let’s dig into some of the areas where refreshed content and templates can make the biggest difference and maximize your strategic edge.

Past performance writeups

When you’re presenting your case in your proposal, your past performances are part of your credentials that support your argument. Having these case files on hand and ready to submit in a proposal saves time from having to continually write new ones. If you’ve already written some past performance writeups, rewriting and organizing them allows you to have fresh content you can use more efficiently. And we know you’ve had some recent successes, so add those performance writeups as well.

Key resumes

You know resumes change regularly. You’re not the same person you were ten years ago, so why would you stay the same professionally? By updating your key resumes, you avoid having to explain outdated information (which is embarrassing), showcase your team’s latest certifications, and present the strongest case by showing your most relevant (and recent) experience.

Capability statements

Just like your key resumes, it’s likely the services your company can perform have changed over the years since you last updated your capability statement. You don’t want to miss out on a contract because a contracting officer didn’t see a capability you’ve gained recently, so updating this document is a must.


Think you don’t need great marketing because you’re in government contracting? Think again. Effective and engaging marketing is just as important for government contractors as any other business. Updating your print materials (i.e., brochures) and digital marketing collateral ensures your brand stays fresh and current, keeping your company top of mind when it comes time for the next bid.

Pitch Deck

This is where the four previous points come together to showcase why your company should be the big winner for your next bid. By updating your pitch deck to reflect everything your company offers today, you’ll communicate that not only are you the most qualified candidate, but you clearly have the most relevant experience and have the capabilities to take on this project.

At Summit Strategy, we understand the difference updated content and templates can make for your business and we specialize in providing customized plans for business owners ready to grow. With a team of experts who understand your industry, Summit Strategy can organize, refresh, and elevate your content and templates.

2024 looks like your year. So, while you’re finishing up this year’s to-do list, make some time to schedule an exploratory meeting with us. We’ve got a bucket of hours and a customized strategy ready for you.